Red Walnuts

We were invited to provide photographs to help Cindy Salo tell the story of Karoly Foldesi and his late wife, Margaret, who brought red walnuts from Hungary in the late 1990’s to their farm in Idaho (Edible Idaho, Winter 2014, p. 22). These colorful walnuts have a texture that is milder and creamer than golden walnuts, commonly known as California walnuts in this country. Cindy Compton, an advocate for local foods and these nuts with their “crisp, clear flavor”, helped Foldesi market them and used them herself for cookies and bread as well as delicious and beautiful beet salads. Sadly, we learned from Cindy that the red walnut trees were damaged by frost about a year after her story, and the land where they grew so well has been repurposed. We were so fortunate to capture these and a few other images.